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The correct way to make tea around the stove What is the correct way to make tea around the stove? , the correct way to make tea around the stove, speech skills

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the correct way to cook tea around the stove, so the editor has compiled 2 Let's take a look at the answers to the correct way to make tea around the stove. The correct way to make tea around the stove? A tutorial on making tea around the stove? The correct way to make tea around the stove? 1. Try to choose an outdoor place to make tea around a stove. Open fire is usually used to make tea, so choose an open outdoor place, which is easier to start a fire and safer. After the fire is ready, if you bring it indoors to make tea, you must remember to open the window for ventilation, and make tea in a closed space, which will easily cause a series of safety hazards. Of course, if tea lovers are afraid of trouble, they can also choose electric ceramic pots or plug-in health pots to make tea. Although it lacks a sense of atmosphere, it is easy and safe to operate. 2. Choose the tea that is suitable for cooking There are also suitable and unsuitable teas for cooking tea in the stove. Not all teas can be boiled by throwing them in a pot. It is usually some vintage teas that are more suitable for boiling, such as old Pu’er tea, old white tea, old tea head, and slightly thicker and older Pu’er tea “yellow slices”; on the contrary, teas that are fresh and tender, such as green tea, are not suitable for boiling. In addition, tea lovers should also pay attention to matching taboos when making some mixed teas, and don't match them blindly. 3. The amount of tea should not be too much. For tea cooked at high temperature, the concentration of tea soup is usually several times that of clear drinks. At this time, we are required to control the amount of tea when making tea, and according to the size of the tea set used, master it well. The ratio of tea to water and the amount of tea added (generally 3-5 grams is enough), if too much tea is added, it will easily cause the tea soup to be too thick, and it will also make the tea drinker appear tea drunk. 4. Boil tea in cold water, and add tea after the water is boiled. Whether it is making tea or making tea, it is recommended for tea lovers to use boiling water for high temperature brewing. This is because when the water temperature is not enough, it is easy to suppress the aroma of tea leaves and affect the taste of tea. dissolution rate. If you want to boil it directly in cold water, you should wait for the water to boil before adding tea to cook. In order to save the time of making tea, you can also use another boiler to boil it first, then pour it into the tea maker and cook with the tea leaves. 5. Don’t overfill the water when making tea. When making tea, we should pay attention to the water that is added to the pot. Overfilling can easily lead to boiling and overflowing, which may put the stove out or burn yourself. A tutorial on making tea around the stove? 1/7 Step-by-step reading Prepare tea sets: For now, it is best to have a set of glass teapots (including teapots and heaters), tea sets (for holding tea leaves), teaspoon (used to dial tea leaves into among glass pots), tea sea (used to hold tea soup), gaiwan (used to wash tea leaves), tea filter (to filter tea soup), teacups (used to drink tea), among them, it is recommended to use an electric glass pot for tea making, which is convenient for novices to check Boiling water, so as to effectively grasp the heat! 2/7 Weighing tea: The amount of tea to be poured needs to correspond to the number of people and the amount of water. If you want to cook tea for one person, you can mix 2 grams of tea with 200ml of water; if you want to cook tea for 3 to 5 people, you generally need 600ml of water Match with about 4 grams of tea; if there are more people, use about 1000ml of water with about 8 grams of tea 3/7 to boil water: this is a very important step. We observe the situation of the water through the glass pot. When the size of the bubble changes from crab-eye to fish-eye size, you can add tea. You can’t boil it for too long, otherwise the taste of the brewed tea will be bad! 4/7 Washing tea: This step needs to be determined according to personal preference. Some people like to wash the tea before drinking it, and some people like to boil tea directly for drinking. The specific method of washing tea: After boiling water, put Put the tea leaves into a white porcelain tureen and pour boiling water into it, pour out the water in about 7 seconds, and then enter the tea casting process! 5/7 Tea making: When the water reaches the size of bubbling fish eyes, put the tea leaves into the glass pot with the help of teaspoon, tea needle, tea clip and other tools; after that, boil the water and tea leaves together for another 1 minute, then stop heating, let the tea leaves Steep for another 2 minutes 6/7 to make soup: After the tea is cooked, pour it out and drink it slowly in a teacup. If it is for one person, drink all the tea. If it is for multiple people, you need to set aside three minutes One of the tea soups is to prepare for the subsequent refilling of tea. 7/7 refilling: refilling generally requires boiling water. If the refill is cold water or warm water, the taste of the tea will be stronger and a bitter feeling will appear; Of course, when the tea is brewed with boiling water, the time will be longer than the first time, so that the taste of the subsequent tea will not change too much. The above is the introduction of the correct method of brewing tea around the stove. That's it, I hope that the 2-point answer about the correct way to make tea around the stove will be useful to everyone.

The correct way to make tea around the stove What is the correct way to make tea around the stove? , the correct way to make tea around the stove, speech skills