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What are all the varieties of oolong tea? , Names of all varieties of oolong tea

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about all varieties of oolong tea, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce all varieties of oolong tea, so that Let's see it together. What are oolong teas? What are oolong teas? 1. Wuyi rock tea is the collective name for the oolong tea produced in Wuyi Mountain, Wuyishan City (formerly Chong'an County), Fujian Province. 1. Dahongpao: It ranks first among Wuyi rock teas, known as "the king of tea kings", and is well-known both at home and abroad. 2. Tie Luohan: It ranks second among the four famous fir trees. 3. White cockscomb: it ranks third among the four famous firs. 4. Water beetle: it ranks fourth among the four famous firs. 5. Wuyi cinnamon: It is a famous rock tea named Cong newly developed in recent years. 6. Wuyi narcissus: It is a semi-arbor type, with leaves more than twice as large as ordinary small-leaved species. Due to different origins, the quality of green tea made from the same variety, such as Wuyi narcissus, northern Fujian narcissus and southern Fujian narcissus, varies greatly. Best quality. 7. Wuyi Qizhong: refers to oolong tea made from tea varieties other than those named after Shancong. 2. Oolong tea production areas in northern Fujian include Chong'an (except Wuyi Mountain), Jian'ou, Jianyang, Shuiji and other places. 1. Northern Fujian narcissus: the main product of northern Fujian oolong tea. 2. Northern Fujian oolong: The appearance is tight, thin and heavy, with twisted leaf ends, soft leaf bottoms, evenly plump, green leaves with red edges. 3. White-haired monkey: Also known as "white green", it is a traditional famous tea in Zhenghe County. 3. Southern Fujian Oolong Tea 1. Anxi Tieguanyin: It is not only the name of the tea, but also the name of the tea tree variety. It is the best of Fujian oolong tea. 2. Anxi Golden Osmanthus: Also known as "Toutianxiang", it is named for its strange and high fragrance. 3. Yongchun bergamot: Mainly produced in Yongchun County, it is one of the famous teas with unique flavor among Fujian oolong teas. 4. Anxi Color Variety: The oolong tea varieties that make up the color varieties mainly include Benshan, Narcissus, Qilan, Meizhan and so on. 4. Guangdong Oolong Tea The processing method of Guangdong Oolong Tea originated from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. Therefore, its style is somewhat similar to Wuyi Rock Tea, and its shape is strip-shaped. 1. Phoenix narcissus: The main production area is Fenghuang Township, and it is generally called "Phoenix narcissus" based on the variety of narcissus combined with the place name. 2. Fenghuang Dancong: It is an excellent individual plant selected from the high-quality tea trees of Phoenix Narcissus. Dongran Tea Garden reminds you: Fenghuang Dancong is the correct way to write it. Instead of "Phoenix Dancong". 3. Langcai: Most of the picks are white-leaf narcissus species, and the leaves are light green or yellow-green. 4. Lingtou Dancong: also known as Baiye Dancong. 5. Shiguping Oolong: The quality of Chaoan Shiguping oolong is the best. 5. Taiwan oolong tea is produced in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Yilan and other counties and cities. It is the earliest tea produced in Taiwan. 1. Wenshan Baozhong: Also known as "Qingcha", it is the lightest-fermented green oolong tea among Taiwanese oolong teas. 2. Dongding Oolong Tea: Known as the best of Taiwan’s oolong teas, it belongs to the very lightly fermented Baozhong tea and is similar in style to Wenshan Baozhong. 3. Pekoe Oolong: Also known as "Puffing Wind Tea", "Champagne Oolong" and "Oriental Beauty", it is the most highly fermented type of Taiwanese oolong tea. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about all varieties of oolong tea. I hope that the one-point answer about all varieties of oolong tea will be useful to everyone.

What are all the varieties of oolong tea? , Names of all varieties of oolong tea